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What do we do?
Why Geomatrix?
 We believe in nurturing a customer-centric ethos

We take care to continuously monitor and evaluate our capabilities to identify new challenges and avenues for improvement. We strive to develop our capabilities in order to meet the varying and challenging needs of our customers, to ensure development and delivery of high quality solutions.

IT is the backbone of a business efficiency eco-system and we provide complete solutions to address all aspects of your business, and across the entire chain – from conceptualization, to implementation and actually running the process for you.

Our consultants – business technology specialists - bring in-depth functional and technology knowledge to every client engagement. We deliver these solutions with complete project management ownership. These services are backed by a proven distributed-delivery model and a host of tools starting from project management to providing clients the up-to-date information.

Our IT Service Offerings are Consulting and full software life-cycle implementations primarily in the major areas such as ERP & CRM, Database management, Data warehousing, Web portal development and N-tier Application.

We also provide Hardware and Networking solutions for your business needs.

Consulting Services
Geomatrix, offers a wide range of Consulting Services supporting all functional and technical areas found within the SAP R/3, mySAP CRM, BW, SEM and Portals offerings. Whether you require assistance of a qualified expert for one day or for the duration of a particular project, our Professional Services team can provide you with an immediate cost effective solution to support your needs. Total IT Solutions Geomatrix can provide the solutions you need for your organization in the following areas.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
Geomatrix, offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to help you implement, upgrade and integrate SAP and non SAP systems. We configure and tailor our solutions to meet your industry-specific needs.

Whether you’re executing your first ERP application, optimizing your existing implementation, or extending your environment with new modules, Geomatrix’s team of professionals has the extensive hands-on experience needed to ensure your project’s success. We leverage this to help you navigate the critical technical, organizational and industry-specific challenges inherent in ERP implementations.

To ensure project success, Geomatrix includes training methodologies and change management strategies with all implementations. Whether large-scale or small, co-sourced with the client or managed solely by Geomatrix, all our efforts are dedicated to ensuring you will fully benefit from your ERP implementations. CRM - Customer Relationship Management Geomatrix, offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to help companies like yours transform into customer-centric enterprises. We fine-tune mySAP CRM to support your business’ particular needs, and help you integrate key functions driving customer retention and loyalty: marketing, sales and service. Whether you are focused on increasing revenues through more efficient customer acquisition and up-selling, on reducing costs through automation and lower expenses, or on enhancing your competitive position through customer and market insights, Geomatrix’s CRM Center of Excellence allows you to achieve these goals faster. BW - Business Intelligence Geomatrix, offers Business Intelligence is to integrate all your corporate information so you can turn information into insight and use that knowledge to improve business operations. The Business Intelligence practice at Geomatrix has been involved in many SAP BW implementations over the years, helping clients to create comprehensive reporting and analytics solutions to meet their goals.

Whether implementing a BW system, integrating it with other systems, upgrading versions, interfacing with Portals or managing support packs in your BW environment, Geomatrix has the expertise to get the most out of your business intelligence system. EP – Enterprise Portal Geomatrix, offers Enterprise Portal (EP) solutions to help you implement, upgrade and integrate all mySAP CRM modules with enterprise portal. We configure and tailor our solutions to meet your industry-specific needs using PCUI (People Centric User Interface).

Enterprise Portal is center place for all you enterprise needs and it is controlled by user roles. It will bring up to the minute information from your back end system.

Application Development

With more and more demand for providing our users with GUI interfaces to their legacy applications and the business need to distribute the work directly to the source, the need for expertise in the Client/Server applications development area continues to grow. Geomatrix has provided development for business applications utilizing all varieties of web and Client/Server technologies.


Providing clients with the design, implementation and integration of enterprise business intelligence solutions including query/reporting, advanced online analytical processing, data mining and BI portals.

  • Strategic requirements, scoping and planning
  • Enterprise information architecture
  • Knowledge discovery/data mining
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP), reporting services.
  • Knowledge management/enterprise BI portals

  • Enhance timely decisions
  • Gain sophisticated information management
  • Create up-selling opportunities
  • Identify major clients
  • Build scalable enterprise data warehouses
  • Add competitive advantage


Our Data Warehousing services give clients access to the business intelligence that will result in better decision-making, improved customer loyalty and increased profitability. We establish a framework for managing, organizing and understanding data by leveraging technology to create business value for our clients

Geomatrix's full life cycle process for Data Warehousing projects includes the following phases:
  • Data Warehouse Planning and Strategy
  • Business Process Requirements Definition
  • Technical Architecture Design

Other Specialties include:
  • Operational Data Store (ODS)
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Data Extraction and Transformation
  • Meta Data Management
  • Data Mart Design
  • Reporting: OLAP, EIS, Query Reporting, Batched, Web Enabled
  • Data Mining

Network Engineering and Administration

Our IT Architecture & Networking specialty services range from designing and implementing multi-tier, fully redundant and fault tolerant networks in support of ERP applications to Help Desks / Call Center Solutions. Whether IT networking requirements can be satisfied through Staff Augmentation or full Project Outsourcing, Geomatrix will respond with highly qualified Consultants.

Geomatrix is equipped with the products, the resources and the skills to provide powerful networking solutions to enhance productivity and keep your business running even under the most challenging conditions. Through our flexible designs, we offer reliable, expandable and integrated network solutions that enable rapid expansion and seamless migration to future technology.

Offshore Development Let Geomatrix, show you how to save up to 50% on your current SAP ABAP development cost. By utilizing the highly skilled and experienced foreign labor market, Geomatrix can provide you with an extremely cost effective solution to your ABAP development needs, without sacrificing the high standard of quality that is expected. Fulltime Placement Assistance Having problems finding qualified fulltime employees to support your SAP efforts? Let the highly skilled professionals at Geomatrix provide the solution. Utilizing our extensive in-house database, we can identify qualified candidates that meet your specific needs. We perform the initial screening and interview processes and provide you with qualified candidates who fit all of your requirements.

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Microsoft DotNet Technologies Microsoft defines .NET as a set of Microsoft software technologies for connecting the world of information, people, systems and devices. Our .NET practice is a potent combination of skilled professionals, strong methodologies, sound business technology understanding and learning grounded in experience.

A solution built on Microsoft .NET technologies helps you integrate web-based and client server applications, allowing businesses to collaborate seamlessly. This gives you, your customers and your business partners the ability to access and act upon information any time, any place and on any device.

Microsoft .NET can bring considerable advantages to your business technology solutions – rapid application development and seamless integration, fast development cycles, lower TCO, greater efficiencies and an assured ROI.

With the benefit of interoperability and the smooth connectivity of multiple systems and sources of data, .NET-connected software helps businesses deliver unprecedented levels of value to their customers, partners and employees. Microsoft .NET technologies offer a business wide variety of advantages.

.NET technologies help break down the distinctions between the Internet and standalone applications allowing businesses to collaborate, thereby offering an unprecedented range of integrated and customized solutions—solutions that enable their customers to act on information any time, any place and on any device.

Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio help developers deliver cutting edge applications much faster than conventional development environments. These applications are also easily scalable. This in turn results in much lower project timelines and lower cost resulting in substantial savings for the corporate IT department. Oracle / SQL /DB2 Geomatrix has the knowledge and expertise to provide database solutions that extends from business process mapping and gap analysis to architecture assessment and analysis, design, conversion and migration (both data and application), customizations, interfaces, extensions, third-party integration, knowledge transfer, and user training.

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 Companies have spent millions of dollars implementing ERP, CRM and various other kinds of applications. With that, data has multiplied alarmingly across the enterprise. The irony is that most users, still cannot access information in a timely manner and in a form that they can use. For knowledge workers, 60% of the time is spent gathering data, time that could be spent much more productively on planning and decision making. But currently available reporting tools with data-warehouses and OLAP are far too complex for their needs. Geomatrix. Enterprise Reporting solutions enable organizations to quickly develop analytic functionality. Our experts help you transform data from disparate sources into a single cohesive view to improve performance across the organization. We provide solutions that enable you to understand information with integrated querying, reporting, charting and analytical tools. Testing Tools Successful implementation of software testing and risk management within time-to-market deadlines requires specialized testing partners. We bring in the necessary testing expertise combined with a wide range of experience in developing test environments and synchronizing risk management with your development life cycle. Geomatrix. has adapted the popular VV-model for better serving our clients.

Based on this model, we offer:
  • Software Risk Management & Analysis
  • Full Lifecycle Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Security Testing
Software Risk Management & Analysis
In a cutthroat competitive business environment, compressed development schedules are a commonplace to meet time-to-market deadlines. Implementation of software risk management through all stages of a development cycle is essential for successful software product/application development. Geomatrix. customized software risk management services encompass project, product and process related risks. Our software risk management framework includes:
  • Development lifecycle study
  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk mitigation strategy & Implementation
  • Risk monitoring
Full Lifecycle Testing
Early detection of software defects can result in huge time and cost savings for any enterprise. Software testing at every stage of software development life cycle can prevent defect occurrence and ensure reliable software development for businesses. Geomatrix. provides full life cycle testing services for product and application development life cycles. Our services include:
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Regression testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Test management
Black Box Testing
Verification and validation of software products and applications for functional and non-functional requirements forms the basis of Black-Box testing methodology. Software products and applications are tested for functionality, performance, platform & data compatibility and ease of use through this methodology.

Our black box testing methodology covers the following:
  • Functionality testing
  • GUI testing
  • Performance testing
  • Stress and load testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Installation testing
White Box Testing
White box testing improves the testability of a software product by making testing more effective and efficient. Many modules and subsystems of a software project require testing in isolation. White box testing achieves this by testing every single line of code of individual components of software products and applications. Geomatrix. provides white box testing services for applications developed using any language.

Our services include:
  • Code coverage
  • Path coverage
  • Code analysis
Test Automation Software testing is often perceived as a bottleneck operation in the software delivery process. Automation testing solves this problem by drastically reducing testing cycle times. Automation testing requires thorough study of development process and software solution architecture, selection of suitable test automation tools and implementation of test automation. Geomatrix. test automation services encompass white-box as well as black box testing methodologies.

Our test automation framework includes:
  • Study of development process and solution architecture
  • Automation test strategy
  • Selection of appropriate testing tools
  • Test automation implementation
  • We also develops customized test automation tools for specific client requirements.
Security Testing
In today’s networked business environment, users access many enterprise applications over public networks. These applications contain confidential business data, which needs to be protected from unauthorized and unauthenticated access. Many enterprise applications and data are vulnerable to external and internal threats. Geomatrix. provides security-testing services for software products, applications and enterprise data.

Our security testing services include:
  • Application vulnerability assessment
  • Risk identification

Our application software testing and quality assurance services are designed for accelerated time-to-market and reduced costs. Our offshore center in India has talented software and domain professionals with good understanding of business processes.

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